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Mr. S M Al- Husainy
Chairman, Swanirvar Bangladesh.

Message from the Chairman

Almost Half of the population of Bangladesh is women. Womens contribution to the socioeconomic development of the country is immense. In the past, the roles of women were only confined to being either a wife, or a mother or a homemaker. In the 21st century, the roles are no more confined to the above mentioned identities. The women are now working hand in hand with their counterparts. They have proved their competence in government and private jobs both at home and abroad. The less educated women are also equally contributing in and out of the country. Migration has long been an important livelihood strategy for the people of Bangladesh. Every year people are going abroad for better livelihood option. In Bangladesh lots of women are involved in domestic worker. They are not much educated. Lack of education and employment opportunity involved them as domestic workers. Despite all these virtues, the women are still falling prey to middleman; deception torture and much more.these are the hindrances against womens advancement. They are being deprived in all spheres of life every now and then. Therefore, keeping the sprite, we have to come together to uphold the dignity, right and wage of labour,for the betterment of the Migrant worker in the country.